MunnyGrubbers – World’s Smallest Violin Keychain Playable with Music .


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  • Boohoo, send your friend your condolences with the world’s smallest violin by playing a sad song.
  • Funny novelty gift idea for friends and family that complain too much. Show your friends how much you actually care for their sorrows.
  • Battery quality may vary, be prepared to replace the battery. Make sure to pull the battery tab out lightly. Sometimes the battery may loosen from pulling out the tab and the sound will not work properly. Try inserting the tab back in and removing it several times to reset it.
  • Press firmly and hold the button on the back of the violin to play a sad song, it will repeat if held. The music will stop if the button is released. Be sure to press harder than you expect to engage the button, otherwise the sound may loop prematurely.


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